Our Community

We're proud of the strong roots and reputation we've built in our community and we value these commitments as much as we value our customers. Our logo, the Marymoor Park Windmill, is a reflection of that commitment and represents our long-term dedication to the Redmond Community.

We believe that to make a difference you must first impact, in a positive way, your own friends and neighbors. With this in mind we actively work to improve the lives of our children and the greater Redmond business community through the support of organizations dedicated to making a difference right here in our own back yard!


Redmond Derby Days

Kid’s from all over the Puget Sound region dress up their bikes,skateboards, scooters, and self to join a parade group sponsored by local businesses. The kids receive a ribbon along with a $2 reward at the end of the parade route for wearing their helmets.

Think Redmond…shop locally

Think Redmond is Redmond, Washington’s buy-local, go-local, be-local campaign. The Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce, the City of Redmond, R-TRIP, and local business owners encourage Redmond residents, employees, and visitors to Think Redmond.


The Bobby Engram Foundation

The Bobby Engram Foundation strives to provide hope, courage, and opportunity to underprivileged children who suffer from chronic pain that affects their lives physically or emotionally.

Lenny Wikens Foundation

The Lenny Wilkens Foundation funds organizations that deliver healthcare and education services to young people while honoring their dignity and sense of self-respect. The Wilkens’ commitment to this mission started with Lenny and Marilyn’s first contribution to the Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic in 1970, and eventually led them to start the Foundation.