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Did You Know?
By: Cindy Courtmanch ~ 1/1/2015

enviroment.pngDid you know an average office worker uses 1.5 pounds of paper per day? That's 375 pounds per year! Multiply that by the amount of people in your office, school, or organization, and you can see how it adds up. You can make a huge impact by changing the type of paper you use. Marymoor Press offers a variety of recycled content (including FSC certified) papers for every type of job. Through the years, we have been a leader in managing our business in a way that impacts the environment in a friendly, positive and thoughtful manner. At Marymoor Press we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. That’s why we use soy based inks, post consumer waste recycled paper, water soluble solvents and we recycle tons of off-cut paper every month. Additionally, we use a Direct-to-plate imaging system that eliminates negatives and metal plates, keeping developing chemicals to a minimum. Each part of our process is vital in managing our responsibilities to our environment and our community.