Our Job Is Helping YOU Look Your BEST!

Listening is our most important skill.

To serve our customers properly, we make listening our primary objective. Each customer is the reason we are in business and it is your loyalty combined with our values and abilities that keep you coming back.

In the highly competitive world of commercial printing, Marymoor Press has stood the test of time. Since 1983 our goal has been to meet our customer's expectations by producing the best quality printed material possible, on time, at a reasonable price.

Selecting the Right Printer 

Do they have the right equipment to produce your job efficiently? In addition to presses and the number of colors they can handle, ask if they specialize in any certain type of work or quantity ranges. Understand what services they perform in-house and what services they have to buy-out.

Do they produce an acceptable quality of work? Quality of work may vary greatly from printer to printer. Remember great press equipment does not make great press operators. Ask for some printed samples similar to pieces you have printed or plan to print.

How long have they been in business? How experienced are they?  What separates a great printer from an average one is a team of dedicated, experienced people. Tap into the knowledge of the company you work with. They should be able to offer creative ideas and practical assistance to solve any printing issues that may arise.

Do they work out issues fairly? Occasionally work needs to be revised. Is the situation resolved equitable to all? It is a good idea to inquire in advance what costs will be to make changes.